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Hoodfellas Chop Shop

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Track name MP3WAV P
01 - Looking Boy (Ghetto Tek Remix) £0.99Queue
02 - Go Girl (Ghetto Tek Remix) £0.99Queue
03 - Dat Baby (Drum n Bass Remix) £0.99Queue
04 - In the Ayer (Ghetto Tek Remix) £0.99Queue
05 - Lolli Lolli (Ghetto Tek Remix) £0.99Queue
06 - Do Da Willy (Ghetto Tek Remix) £0.99Queue
07 - Damaged (Ghetto Tek Remix) £0.99Queue
08 - Have you Seen That (Drum n Bass Remix) £0.99Queue
09 - Ass 2 tha Beat (Ghetto Tek Remix) £0.99Queue

Chop Shop Hoodfellas BB001

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Hoodfellas burn the dance floor with 9 cuts to start up the Booty Breaks label. Booty will shake and speakers will boom with the mix of Ghetto, House, and Drum n Bass cuts to choose from.

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