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BBII Tropical Laser Fantasy / Sagittarius

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Tropical Laser Fantasy / Sagittarius - BBII - FRESH001

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Fresh Up is the top secret, just-for-fun label started by a legendary electronic producer based in the UK who has close ties to the Rephlex camp. Think Kraftwerk, Giorgio Moroder, George Clinton and Dam Funk in equal parts and you’re on the right path. This is the first release from the new label which will specialise in strictly limited edition 45rpm singles showcasing the finest in new-old-sounding library funk, Moog disco and vocoder boogie sounds. BBII are a mysterious all-star session group gathered from the four corners of London to compose and record these funky disco and soundtrack gems. "Tropical Laser Fantasy" is an uptempo disco stomper in an ORS vein with driving drums, laser zaps, funky Moog, chicken grease guitar... everything you need for an epic storming happy disco session. "Sagittarius" is a Kano-ish early Italo chugger featuring Moroder/Moog bass and Euro melodies blended with USA-style chord progressions and tasteful rhythm guitar. Expect further slices of top-drawer funky music from Fresh Up very soon.
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