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L-vis 1990 United Groove

Available formats: Vinyl

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01 - United GrooveQueue

United Groove - L-vis 1990 - MAD099

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L-VIS 1990 is quickly solidifying himself as a bass-prodigy. You're forgiven if you're unfamiliar with the name but pay attention - this 25 year old from Brighton has stormed on the scene and is making some of the most singular dance music we've heard of late - this stuff is truly standout. With the ever-building epic "Come Together" and the floating then undeniably face smashing "United Groove", we're hearing a heavy sound with a new and refreshing take on structure and style. He has upcoming releases on Kitsune & Dim Mak as well, plus a busy club schedule with his Night Slugs monthly in London, and one offs at the biggest European clubs (Fabric London, Social Club Paris, Scala Berlin, etc). Oh and did we mention that with all that he still finds the time to make videos for the likes of Dance Area and Riton!? Definitely one to keep your eye on. In the meantime, these two tracks form a serious weapon.Amazing new Mad Decent record that's making big waves worldwide. Touches of Grime, House, UK Funky and your classic Mad Decent styles. Big. 
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