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Zodiac Zodiac

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01 - Girl Girl GirlQueue
02 - Come Ft Jesse Boykins IIIQueue
03 - So Soon We ChangeQueue
04 - Loss ConfigQueue
05 - 138Queue

Zodiac - Zodiac - VSE06

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Vase continues its blooming series of stellar releases since its inception a few months ago with its boldest release to date: the Zodiac EP. This self-titled project by producer / songwriter Jeremy Rose marks a definitive episode in the young labelʼs direction. The brain and ear behind some truly singular releases, Rose is responsible for production on The Weekndʼs House of Balloons (“What You Need”, “Loft Music”, “The Party & The After-Party”), as well as “Genesis” by Bay Area artists The Jealous Guys and the acclaimed Styrofoam Cup Session remix of Roach Gigzʼs “Got Em Like.”

Although heʼs been somewhat quiet since those releases, Jeremy “Zodiac” Rose has been steadily cooking up stunning music in the past year. One of the industryʼs best-kept secrets, he is what some consider a “producerʼs producer” – showing a rare diversity for his age and crafting sonic palettes to heart-stirring effects. This five-track EP will offer a perfect primer for the young producer's musical output.

"I made these tracks over a year. Some of them were going to be sent to other people to sing or rap on them but I thought I should get around to doing some solo stuff before I have no time to. These tracks were all produced with a three hundred dollar laptop in my sunroom," he explains. As far as inspiration, his insights vary. " I get inspiration from a lot of different places. From other producers to classical stuff, to old funk and soul. If I hear something and I like it, I might want to take a piece of that and integrate it into what I'm working on. I also like integrating some foley and nature sounds into my work as well, it feel it adds a real life anchor to what would otherwise be a completely digital production."

On this 5-track EP, Zodiac offers the perfect primer for his musical output. The opener "GirlGirlGirl" pulls the listener right into a dream-like aura, with snares floating alongside sparse vocal samples, drumming up fantasies of what the right MC / vocalist could do this on this instrumental bed. The EP follows up with perhaps its most poigant number "Come" - a stunning track featuring beloved soul singer Jesse Boykins III in top shape delivering layer upon layer of poetic vocals. "So Soon We Change" is probably the most reminiscent piece of his work on House Of Balloons and his commercial R&B sensibility. A hypnotic string sample loop steers the song as drum patterns and rhythms alternate to bring the tempo up and down, building a chilling mood throughout. “Loss Config” provides a cinematic interlude, showcasing his unique taste for the noir film aesthetic. Closing with “138”, Zodiac sets the tone with a brooding instrumental that slowly builds into an epic number, instantly reminiscent of a stadium anthem with impeccable subtlety. Using synth sounds as vocal melody on the track, he closes the EP on a remarkable note.

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