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Kassem Mosse We Speak To Those / Hi Res

Available formats: Vinyl

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We Speak To Those / Hi Res - Kassem Mosse - NONPLUS008

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Hailing from Leipzig in Germany is an artist who's music has been pricking up many ears across the global underground over the last few years. It's hard to put a finger on what it is about Kassem Mosse's productions that make repeated listening a must, but the intricacy, fresh arrangements and musical depth definitely play a part in attracting labels such as the highly respected techno imprint Workshop, the legendary Soma Records and now Nonplus are honoured to present his latest 12".


a) Kassem Mosse - ‘We Speak to Those' First up on the a-side we have ‘We Speak to Those' a 4/4 track of the highest quality that keeps you guessing from start to finish. The rugged and raw kick and bassline immediately set the foundations for the incoming awkward chord stabs whilst reversed beats lazily slur in and out over the main groove giving the track the unnerving feeling that its almost changing tempo. Random sound effects and a non conforming arrangement make this track about as predictable as the English summer. One listen to this and you'll immediately understand why this artist is getting love from some of the scenes biggest players at the moment.


aa) Kassem Mosse - ‘Hi Res' Phased drum machine breakbeat patterns and stutered percussion redolent of the early Detroit techno uprising give this track an outstanding quality of being able to conjure up the same feelings of hope and optimism for electronic music that the aforementioned era managed to. Thought provoking chord progressions take your mind on an excursion to the future and leave you gagging for an extended trip. Think skyways, flying cars and towering metal buildings footed with dark abysmal underworlds and you'll get the drift. They don't come much deeper than this one.

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