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Bintus Point Counter Point

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01 - Point Counter PointQueue
02 - Drink Ye From The Acid ChaliceQueue

Point Counter Point - Bintus - POWVAC003

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The purple and chrome dune buggy lies abandoned like an upturned beetle. As if guided by an invisible beacon, Bintus treks through dense jungle and across cloud-capped mountains before he comes upon a ruined temple. Young women, their forearms covered with red parrot feathers and faces brightly coloured with vermilion dye, greet him warmly by placing garlands of roasted maize around his neck. Drawn on a hallucinatory wave, Bintus finds himself facing a high priest sat resplendent upon an azure throne, who gestures to the corner where a solid crystal harpsichord sits. While raising a chalice above his head he drones some dusty incantation before placing it on its ceremonial perch atop the instrument. Bintus sits down to play, his hands drawn across the glimmering keys guided by the unknowable force of the ancients. A phosphorescent mist pours over the brim of the black onyx chalice and rolls over the keyboard. Multi coloured light flows from the hall through cracks in the temple walls, strafing out across the moonlit jungle. Exotic birds of all colours and hues cut across the beams as they shoot into the star filled night, steered into the cosmos by his demented music, driving his captive revellers into the blackest beyond.Early DJ support: Mark Broom, Truss, Surgeon, Edmx, Paul Woolford, Objekt, Dark Sky, Randomer, Ben UFO, Dj Glow, Fabrizio Mammarella, Locked Groove

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